Why the Brazilian Beach Towel is a College Essential

By: Sonja Caballero (sonjakc19)


Brazilian Beach Towels


The Brazilian beach towel is not your average beach must have. It’s light and thin, unlike traditional American towels with their thick, cotton material. Any college student knows that dorms offer little space for big items, and the lifestyle of walking to most place makes it a hassle to pack anything heavy in your backpack. College students also know that one of the best parts of being at school is getting to enjoy spaces outdoors when the weather is nice enough. It’s great to lay on the grass, soak up the sun, and maybe finish and assignment or two. What we all try to ignore are the obvious cons of this: grass stains, dew from that morning, fertilizer, or areas that don’t even have enough nice grass to cushion your seat. That’s where the Brazilian beach towel comes in. It’s perfect for laying out on the greenspace and inviting your friends to hangout on.

The towel is super easy to roll up and stick in your bag. It won’t take up as much space as a cotton towel or a blanket, and won’t be as heavy either. The gorgeous designs make it so much more unique than a blanket or other towel. It dries very quickly, so if you do happen to set it down on wet grass, you won't be dealing with a soaked blanket or towel that never dries. It's sure to catch the eye of fellow students and earn plenty of compliments. Not to mention the endless Instagram possibilities! Snap a pic while hanging out with friends, or get creative and model it yourself!

If you’re lucky enough to have access to some oceanfront near your college, the same rules apply! You’ll definitely lighten the load of what you’re bringing to the beach with the help of the Brazilian beach towel. In fact, any outdoor setting works. Bring it to the beach, a park, an open field, the possibilities are endless! This towel can go with you anywhere. It won’t be a bulky item that you dread carrying around. It can even be worn as a dress or skirt, which completely eliminates the problem of having to carry the towel.

College is all about trying new things, meeting new people, finding what your passion is, and being unique! There’s no better way to be a trendsetter than to invite other students to enjoy the outdoors with the convenient use of their Brazilian beach towels. Informing other students about these towels sparks a fascinating conversation that could secure you a new connection. Who knows, you could meet a friend for life just because they commented on your stunning Brazilian beach towel.


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