Our Story

The Founder of Copa Azul is a first generation Brazilian American. Both of his parents were born in a small Brazilian town and moved to the United States in their young twenties. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and was highly influenced by his family and Brazilian culture. After visiting his family's small Brazilian hometown a few times, he decided he wanted to visit other areas of Brazil and see what they had to offer. After his cousins and sister started one of the largest sports media companies in Brazil, he got the entrepreneurial itch and knew this was something he wanted to pursue. 

He went down to Brazil for a month to celebrate the 2015 New Years in Rio de Janeiro. There he got to see one of the Seven World Wonders and the famous beaches of Brazil. While there he quickly realized how different Brazil's beach culture was from the United States and was infatuated. 

"After being in Brazil, it seriously changed my opinion on how people should beach. Brazilians there were so relaxed and confident. The beach is a lifestyle and a place people go to truly have fun. The beaches have such high energy and everyone is just happy to be there swimming, drinking, and being active. It is my favorite place in the world."

He quickly embraced the culture and realized going to the beach was supposed to be easy, simple, and carefree. Brazilians were not lugging big beach bags and bulky towels. Instead, they used these very lightweight, colorful and multipurpose Brazilian Beach Towels.

When he returned to the States, he brought back Brazilian Beach Towels to give as gifts. As soon as he saw the traction it gained with his college friends he knew he wanted to bring this cultural art of Brazil to the beaches of the United States!

He has since been back to Rio every year. His favorite trips include the 2016 Olympics & 2018 Carnival.